Muscle Confusion

Does Muscle Confusion Really Produce Results?

By now you’ve probably heard about muscle confusion and the P90X  workout.

Perhaps like I was, you are wondering if you can you really stop a muscle building plateau and increase muscle size by using this exercise protocol.

Or perhaps, like so many others you just want a workout program that will get you the results you want!

So let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

The truth of the matter is that you probably want to know if P90X and muscle confusion is just “hype” from an infomercial trying to to sell you a book and some DVDs… right? And of course you want to know if it really works.

Well, keep reading and find out  the truth about p90x or the power 90 extreme program(which is its real name.)

Does P90X Work?

Rest assured, you are not the first person with this doubt in mind.

If you have done any research you may have run across a few articles. In fact, you may have run across one particular article that talked about the so-called “Muscle Confusion Myth.”

In this article, the author makes the idiotic correlation between the muscle confusion protocol and being on steroids.

In fact, some articles talk about a muscle confusion myth. So read this article and discover the true facts about “Periodization Training.”

Do You Need to Use Steroids to Get Results?

What in holy heck do steroids have to do with the muscle confusion workout protocol — absolutely nothing.

The author of the article I just mentioned, does show his ignorance about two topics — steroids and muscle confusion workouts. Muscle Confusion is a bodybuilding principle that was originally named by the King of the bodybuilding industry… Joe Weider.

Is This Training Protocol Just a Theory?

The theory behind (MC) is that your body adapts very quickly to whatever stress is placed on it.

By changing around the exercises — so that the body does not become accustomed to the same movements each workout — you can prevent the body from adapting and as a result avoid a muscle building plateaus.

When discussing muscle confusion one of the questions that keeps coming up is whether to use dumbbells or resistance bands.

If you are wondering the same things you can read about the Bodylastics system by visiting this page called Bodylastics reviews.

Volume Overload And Adequate Recuperation


In order for muscles to grow you must constantly increase the amount of resistance you are using in each exercise. This is referred to as… volume overload.

In addition, you must have adequate rest if you are to make any gains. It is during the time that you are sleeping that your body releases growth hormones that help the muscle tissues repair themselves and grow.

These two principles — Volume Overload and adequate rest are the pillars of muscle growth and strength gains. Neglect either one and you will not build any muscle size whatsoever.

Muscles Cannot Be Confused

In essence, MC does not really exist. However, changing up the exercises, and your routine may or may not increase muscle size. But, it certainly will stop you from being bored with your bodybuilding exercise program. Give this type of workout a try. Many men and women that learn about this exciting muscle building principal end up buying the P90X DVD workout.

In fact, one of the most common questions regarding the P90X program is what equipment is required for the P90X

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