Take The Railroad Train to The San Diego Area For Your Next Great Vacation

If you have not taken a long trip by Amtrak for a vacation, this may be the year to give it a try. Many North American destination cities are easily accessible by train. Given how beautiful and interesting our country is, the trip itself can be a big part of the total enjoyment.

San Diego is one of the best-loved vacation targets in the country The train runs into the depot not far from downtown, with easy local public transportation to get you to your hotel and most of the attractions. Compared to other parts of Southern California, San Diego is actually relatively close together. You can even get around to a lot of vacation attractions by walking if you enjoy that.

There is no shortage of fun places of interest in San Diego. Visiting all of the beaches, museums, historical attractions and other amusements could truly take weeks. So it is safe to assume that you can engage yourself in a week of both relaxation and activity in this harbor city. One of the major features that San Diego offers its guests and residents alike is its wonderful, moderate weather, especially in the summertime.

Continuing your train travel up the West Coast past Los Angeles would be an option if you would like to plan an even more substantial trip. It is easy to take the train from San Diego all the way to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, with maybe ten stops in between. This would make it possible to spend an easy week or two in Southern California without your car.

Of course, traveling by train could add 3-4 days to the overall vacation schedule but that could be part of the charm if you have the right attitude.