Muscle Confusion – Secrets of the P90X Program

The Muscle confusion principle has been around for a number of years.

If you are new to the bodybuilding world you may have heard about the muscle confusion principle in a P90X infomercial. However, this training principle was originally "coined" by none other than Joe Weider.  Not Tony Horton .

By the way, Mr. Weider was the person responsible for bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger to the United States from Austria.

If you’re not familiar with Joseph Weider he is the cofounder of the international Federation of bodybuilders along with his brother Benjamin . He is also the creator of the Mr. Olympia and Ms. Olympia bodybuilding contests.

In addition, he built a bodybuilding magazine or fitness magazine Empire. Publishing such popular magazines as Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, Health and Fitness, Flex Magazine and many others that are no longer in print.

Let’s get back to muscle confusion and the P90X program.

In order to understand the muscle confusion exercise protocol we need to know a little about the person that created the P90X DVD workout – Tony Horton.

Tony has been a celebrity personal trainer for some big names in Hollywood. Such as, Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and many others (he has also trained Ewan McGregor and Usher Raymond.) He has developed exercise routines multiple times for Health and Fitness Magazine (as noted earlier a Joe Weider publication.)


The first workout program he developed for Beachbody was the Power 90 program. This like the many that followed was an at home or in home boot camp style program that was designed with the beginner in mind.

The Power 90 Program incorporates weight training exercises and strength training moves as well as some intense cardio exercises. This program was developed back in 2001.

By 2004 Horton created the P90X program or the power 90 extreme workout. The P90X dvd exercise program was designed to give you a "Ripped or Chiseled Physique. "

Of course, you must provide the discipline to follow through with the six weekly workouts as well as the meal plan.

The program uses a format that includes plyometrics or jump training, some martial arts moves from Kenpo, and yoga. It includes resistance training which utilizes bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and dumbbells.

As you probably know by now the training concept is based on "muscle confusion. "Muscle confusion, is just a form of cross training or periodization. It’s designed to get you the best results and at the same time help you to avoid the plateau effect. This allows your muscles to grow in strength and size continuously.

What Is Periodization?

In a nutshell, periodization involves training in cycles or phases.

isometrics-bandsUsed mostly in sports training to prepare the athlete’s so as to peak in time for his or her event or competition. The term periodized training is essentially the muscle confusion workout.

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE) one of the premier personal training certification organizations, you should use periodized workouts in both your strength and cardiovascular training.

In essence, you change the routine at regular intervals or "periods." This will keep each of the muscle groups working harder as well providing you with adequate rest.

Here’s an example how you can alter a strength training program by adjusting just a few of the variables:

  • You can change the amount of resistance used
  • The amount of rest between exercises, or sets
  • The order which you perform the exercises and the types of exercises as well
  • You can vary the speed at which you perform the exercises
  • You can also switch training programs for example, you can switch from high resistance and low reps to routine that consists of low resistance and higher repetitions.

According to a study performed at the human performance laboratory at Ball State University there is conclusive evidence that a periodized strength training program will produce better results than a non-periodized program.

In essence, that ends the whole "Muscle Confusion Myth."

Secrets of Achieving a Lean and Muscular Body Quickly Using Muscle Confusion

If you dream about getting a lean, ripped and muscular body, then you want to learn more about how to use the secrets of muscle confusion in achieving your dream body.

And get this, the muscle confusion principles works regardless of your sex. Whether you are young or old, in shape or completely out of shape. You can use this training protocol to help you achieve your dream body today.

I recently wrote an article that breaks down some of the key principles of the muscle confusion workouts. If you have been wanting to find out if muscle confusion works then you need to read this article!

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