What Is Muscle Confusion And Does It Really Work

So you want to know what is muscle confusion and does it really work?

Well, if that’s the case then you need to grab a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and read every single word in this article because this is the information you’ve been looking for.

what is muscle confusion and does it really work

Building a Ripped Body Can Be Easily Accomplished Using Muscle Confusion

What Is Muscle Confusion And Does It Really Work – Joe Weider

In this article, we’re going to discuss the history of muscle confusion, how exactly to use muscle confusion in your training program, and finally does it really work. So let’s get started…

First, let’s discuss this principles history.

The actual name or term “Muscle Confusion” was coined by the King of bodybuilding Joe Weider. The proper term is periodization. But more on that a little bit later in this article. Muscle confusion is just one of the many protocols that were written about and later published as the “Weider Principles.”

Joe Weider cataloged all the different training concepts that his growing army of bodybuilders used in their training programs.

From his in-depth study of training principles such as super-sets, split routines, double split routines, triple split routines, and many others he created and published his bodybuilding system, which he called “The Weider System.” For many individuals, including me this was our first “education” in bodybuilding.

However, Joe Weider knew… What is muscle confusion and does it really work!

What Is Most Confusion and Does It Really Work – Periodization

Weider turned bodybuilding and muscle building into a science. Before this, the only way to get information about what worked was to ask your “buddy at the gym” and of course, many times he lied about what he was really doing.

Now let’s turn our attention on exactly how to use this training protocol in our workout program.

You could say that the term periodization and muscle confusion is the same thing. Sports athletes, bodybuilders and Olympic athletes have used periodization in their strength and training programs for many years. However, the term “periodization” is relatively new to the “regular guy or gal.”

Let me quote a little bit from the “Fitness Professionals Handbook” by Edward T Howley and B. Don Franks.

“Periodization is nothing more than a systematic variation in resistance training program. Since it’s impossible to continually improve at the same rate over long-term training, properly varying the training variables can limit training plateaus, maximize performance, and reduce the likelihood of over-training.”

They go on to say…

“By periodically varying program variables such as choice of exercise, training weight (resistance), number of sets, rest interval between sets, or any combination of these… Long-term performance game will be optimized and the risk of overuse injuries may be reduced.”

Well, so much for all those “skeptics and critics” that are declaring that muscle confusion is a myth or scam!

So what is muscle confusion and does it really work…

what is muscle confusion and does it really work

Old-Time Strongmen Used Muscle Confusion

You don’t need to buy the P90X program to use periodization or the muscle confusion principal. You can easily search online for muscle confusion workouts that you can do at home.

All you really need is a good set of dumbbells or better still a quality set of resistance bands.

At this point in time the resistance bands I prefer the most because of their lifetime defects warranty, online support, and online video training is… Bodylastics.

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I hope so far I’ve explained what (MC) is and have given you an insight into whether it works or not.

However, let’s discuss a recent study conducted at Arizona State University (Tempe). In this study, they discovered that individuals that used periodization or (MC) over a 12-week period increased their strength by more than 100% versus the study group.

Well, in this article we have addressed the question of “what is muscle confusion and does it really work”… Now go out, apply what you’ve learned, and get your muscle-building program going again.